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Bandit, Si & Bodhi
Bandit & Si sat in the back of Bodhi

Hi, I'm Si and I run and own BEDVANZ CAMPERVANS

Originally from the UK but now an NZ Citizen I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city.

I've been converting vehicles in various shapes and sizes since around 2006 but officially, here in NZ, since around 2009. It's my dream lifestyle...

I love campervans and all things #vanlife but equally, I love helping people. Right now it's just me and my dog Bandit that work here at BEDVANZ but I do have plans to expand slowly over the next couple of years. BEDVANZ had a tough time during the Covid pandemic but things are starting to look up so expansion and continous improvement are now a big focus.

camp wellington
Camp Wellington, Shelly Bay, Wellington

Up until 2021 I was running BEDVANZ in tandem with my other business (Camp Wellington) out in the wonderfully scenic Shelly Bay. Sadly, in June 2021 the area was earmarked for a huge housing development so we (and all other businesses) were asked to leave. BEDVANZ is now located very close to the city centre in the suburb of Mount Cook.

Over the many years, months, weeks and days I have spent in the back of the van I have learned to appreciate how important it is to have a well thought-out layout. Each time I convert a new van I add a new feature or an improvement.... 15 years later and I think I've gotten pretty good at it.

Bodhi & Bandit

A couple of years ago I bought my dream van, a 1986 Nissan Homy Caravan (E23). Slowly but surely I've been working on him.... he was full of rust but I decided to save him, spent heaps removing all the rust and having new panels welded in..... One day I will finish him. But for now I'm just happy having him and Bandit as my daily cohorts.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram > @sicraggs

If you'd like to follow Bodhi & Bandit on Instagram > @bodhiandbandit


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