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BEDVANZ offers basic "backpacker style" conversions (functional bed/sofa & kitchen unit). These can either be permanently fixed, certified self contained units or portable removeable units for those needing dual functionality from their vehicle.

These conversions can usually be completed in a few days.

Take a look at our gallery page to see previous examples of our work and then book a free, no-obligation consultation via the links below.

Please bear in mind that not all vehicles are suitable to be converted into a self contained camper so here is a list of vehicles we deem appropriate for Self Containment. 

Typical costs for our budget conversions are as follows:

  • Nissan Serena/Toyota Granvia etc = from $5000

  • Low roof Toyota Hiace/Nissan Caravan etc = from $8000

  • High roof/Raised roof Toyota Hiace/Nissan Caravan etc = from $13,000

  • Tradie van tool drawer/bed platform = from $1800 (stick a mattress on top)

The above prices include: Plywood flooring (cut to size), Sofa/Bed frame, Kitchen Pod (including small storage compartment, plumbing hoses, sink, water tanks, tap & toilet) and where possible a Self Containment Certificate. See below for any additional elements.


Additional elements/facilities:

ADD Hot water from $4000

ADD Curtains from $400

ADD Mattress from $250

ADD Fixed gas stove from $2000 

ADD 2nd Battery/Solar setup from $1500

ADD Fixed water tanks from $600

ADD Roof bars from $600

ADD Awning from $400

If the extra item you want is not listed please ask us.

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