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If your vehicle currently has a BLUE self containment you should be aware that if you want to continue to FREEDOM CAMP you will need to upgrade to the new GREEN certificate before June 2025.

The changes in the law can be confusing so we highly recommend you contact us before making any changes to your setup.

If want us to upgrade to the new GREEN certificate there are a few new significant requirements you should know about, mainly around the need for a FIXED/PERMANENTLY MOUNTED TOILET.

We can usually upgrade your vehicle to the new standard but first we need to see your current setup to ensure that it is possible.

You can book a free, no-obligation consultation via the link below

Typical costs for our budget conversions are as follows:

  • Basic Toilet swap-out = from $1000

  • Toilet swap + Ply surround/box = $1500-$2000

  • Toilet swap + Kitchen rebuild = from $3,000


Please be aware that even the current smallest cassette toilets are significantly bigger than the older style portable toilets and as such require quite a lot more space.....but we may be able to come up with a smart solution to make it work even in smaller minivans. 

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