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Recent changes in the law now mean that there are 2 systems for self containment. The older "BLUE" system is being phased out and will make way for the new GREEN system. The BLUE system will end in JUNE 2025 (unless you don't need it for FREEDOM CAMPING) and then from then on the GREEN system will be the only way to get your vehicle certified for FREEDOM CAMPING.
We will be issuing BLUE system certificates until June 2024. After that, we will only issue GREEN system certificates

To be able to renew your BLUE system certificate you now must have a "fixed" toilet. Portable toilets strapped into a box etc will not be allowed. Cassette style toilets are the easiest option to attain a "Fixed" toilet. If you're unsure what style of toilet you have please read the information below....

Does your toilet need to be lifted out of the vehicle to be emptied or does a small tank slide out from the side/back of the toilet? If it slides out, you have a cassette toilet and can still be certified under the BLUE system

If you have a fixed (cassette-style or permanently plumbed) toilet AND want a new BLUE self containment certificate then click here to book a test ($120).

BEDVANZ can also offer advice on your water tanks, sink and tap setup.

If you are wanting to get certified under the new GREEN system then please click here to book a test.


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